We were approached by Office in September 2019, to help fill their upcoming Christmas temp roles.

Looking for a range of talent across their customer care centre in Kilmarnock, Scotland. It was essential that we find candidates quickly.

Dubbed the “Best Foot Forward” campaign, we worked with the Office brand to create a range of social media animations to catch attention and get the message across quickly.

The roles were filled 2 weeks later.


Struggling to find Project Engineers, Distell approached Build Your Brand to take a different approach to their talent acquisition challenges.

With the role demanding such a niche skill set, Project Engineers can be a rare breed and unlikely to move. So we spoke to the Project Engineers already on the HRC database to uncover their motivations and aspirations.

Running a series of targeted social media ads across the most popular platforms, we were able to successfully bring forward a new pool of candidates for Distell within a matter of weeks.

Back in Business

Back in Business is a new programme offering workshops to out of work professionals. The aim of the organisation is to unite professionals, returning to the workplace, with companies seeking new talent.

As with any new venture, a fresh new brand was fundamental to their launch.

Inspired by school colours, we developed a new brand pallette, logo, website and image for the programme to coincide their launch.